A Solace of Sharp Claws | 2 | (Paperback) by Lana Pecherczyk


Book 2 of A Fae Guardian’s Novel (The Season of the Wolf) by author Lana Pecherczyk


Sharp claws keep you safe.

That’s the brutal lesson Thorne learned as a young wolf-shifter.
Abandoned as a child, singled out by an evil uncle, and then force to work for the ruthless Order of the Well, Thorne’s anger was a weapon as much as his claws. Now a vicious Fae Guardian, he hunts monsters, the human enemy, and anything that gets in his way. On a mission to find his missing mentor, Thorne finds himself suddenly mated to Laurel, a beautiful, driven, but damaged human awoken from a time long since past.

A forced marriage is something neither of them want. But everything they need.

Spending time with her teaches him that arm’s length might not be a good thing. Learning to love will mean scratching the surface of both their souls, revealing truths more painful than any wound. If he can get past the hurt, the pain, and the pride, Thorne will find a new use for his claws…to bury deep and never let her go.

A gripping, new style of epic fantasy with steamy romance featuring a dash of time travel, monster hunting, fated mates, shifters, fae protectors and their strong willed women from our time. If you love your books full of page turning action, intrigue, and romantic tension then this book is for you.

The Solace of Sharp Claws is the second book in the Fae Guardians Series from award-winning Author Lana Pecherczyk.

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