Arulis | 2 | (Paperback) by Paige Taila


Book Two of ‘The Sleepwalkers’ series by author Paige Taila


Fear can be controlled.
Hope has to be nurtured.
And I refuse to be controlled anymore.

On the run and being hunted by Eluis, Maxine Whitfore faces some of the toughest choices of her life – hide and find security in exile, or take a stand and fight for her friends and family, risking the freedom she’s struggled so hard to get.

Settling in Arulis, Max is determined to take control of her life by enlisting help from Healey and her new allies.
The further she digs into the mystery of her past, the further she puts herself and everyone she loves in danger.

Time is ticking as Eluis moves forward with their scheme.
Max must navigate the evolving situation as the line between trust and suspicion of the people in her life begins to blur.

Who are Eluis; why is she so critical to their mission; and how far will Eluis go to get what they want?

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