Blending of the Sands | 2 | (Paperback) by R M Muller


Book 2 of the Sands of Ruin series by author R M Muller

Through darkness and light, my heart is still yours, our path still the same, our world slowly changing.

She lost him…
After everything she did to keep Harm safe, Fletcher still won.
Locked in a cage, held by one of the regime’s high-ranking officers, Imani refuses to believe he is gone.
He can’t be.
Her chance comes, and she flees to the outskirts of the desert countries, determined to find Harm or Jonah.
Desperate to find Harm, she breaches the wall, and what she finds on the other side changes everything.

Harm would give his soul to se Imani just one last time. Her brilliant blue eyes, her elegant smile. To hear her laugh. To fold her into his arms.
But he must keep going.
The rebellion needs him.
Fletcher is still hunting him.
When one thing leads to another and his kindness finds him on the run yet again, Harm flees to a place his grandmother travelled to decades ago.

Now, he must help blend two sides to overthrow the regime, or every sacrifice was for nothing, and the people of the sands will have nothing left.

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