Eluis | 1 | (Paperback) by Paige Taila


Book One of ‘The Sleepwalkers’ series by author Paige Taila


‘I open my eyes and find myself face to face with the clear starry night sky. I hear crickets chirping. Wherever I am, I’ve been here long enough to no longer be a disruption to the peace. I have no idea where I am or how I got here. This is my third episode this month; they’re getting worse.’

Maxine Whitfore has spent the majority of her life dedicated by the mysterious sleep illness that taunts her day and night. Always finding herself waking up in random places, the vivid memories of things she didn’t do leave her rattled as her treatment at the renowned Eluis Sleep Centre doesn’t seem to be working. Until she meets fellow patient Sam Townsend, the curious, warm boy who shares in her troubles, and gets a glimpse at the normal, stable life she’s always longed for.

But when Sam and Maxine are involved in a car accident, their rescue shows Maxine that there is more to her diagnosis than she’s being told. She finds herself in the middle of a battle between two worlds, leading her to uncover truths surrounding a secret almost two centuries old. Her grasp on reality crumbles as she starts to question everything she thought she knew. She has to quickly learn the difference between free will and doing the right thing to stop Eluis from dismantling society as it stands.

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