Love and Murder | 6 | (Paperback) by L.L Hunter


Book 6 of the Summervale series by author L.L Hunter


Darcie never thought she’d see the day when she’d venture back to Summervale…

When Bobby goes missing, the teens fear he has fallen victim to the same person who has been taunting them with mysterious bloody letters.

So they are forced to head back to the one place they all swore they would leave behind them.
Little do they know its a trap, and they’ve inadvertently handed themselves to the killer on a silver platter.
One by one, the group of friends go missing, and now it’s up to the adult to solve the case.

But the clue to solving the case and finding Darcie and her friends involves them all having their deepest darkest secrets uncovered.

In the thrilling final chapter in the bestselling Summervale series, when Darcie comes face to face with the killer, will she turn the tables on them? Or become their next victim?

Will the teens make it out alive?

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