To Reclaim a Kingdom |1| (Paperback) by Claire Butler


Book 1 of the Red Wood series by author Claire Butler


Two fallen kingdoms. Two fates intertwined. Who will rule?

A princess by birth and soon to be Queen by marriage. Brielle is eager to fulfill her great destiny; to rule the Southern Kingdom the way she rules her infamous ladies’ court.

A prince by birth and soon to be King, Henri also has a great destiny; to rule the Northern Kingdom, a fate he resents and resists at every opportunity.

When both kingdoms are invaded and conquered by a foreign ruler, Brielle and Henri’s fates change. Forced to flee for their lives, their only sanctuary is the cursed Red Wood, rumoured to be filled with vengeful spirits, lost souls and blood magic.

Surrounded by enemies and betrayed by those closest to them, both will have choices to make. Who can they trust? What will they fight for? And what are they prepared to sacrifice to reclaim a kingdom?

A fast-paced adventure full of intoxicating romance and high-stakes choices. To Reclaim a Kingdom will leave readers anxiously awaiting its sequel.

If you like Mary E. Pearson, Danielle L. Jensen, and Adrienne Young you will love this debut series.

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