Powerful Purples | 3 | (Paperback) by Nikki Minty


Book 3 of the Zadok series by author Nikki Minty


An explosive ceremony rocks Winter’s caves and those responsible must flee to the Drake village and start a new life.

When Harlow is imprisoned by the Queen’s guards, Slater is forced to flee for his life and team up with Jax–the one man he detests more than any other.

Together with the courageous Zadonians from all four races, they devise a daring rescue mission to save Harlow from impending death.
Nothing is what is seems, however, and Harlow finds herself being drawn into political intrigue that will change the landscape of Summer and Winter forever.

Torn between Slater’s wants and needs, and her own–will Harlow stay to keep Slater happy or follow her heart and return with Jax?

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