The Girl Who Broke the World | 1 | (Paperback) by Renee Hayes


Book 1 of the Rim Walker series by author Renee Hayes

Do humans deserve a second chance after reaching the world’s resource limits, decimating the forests and destroying the earth that has given them life? Find out in book on the beguiling Rim Walker series.

In 2032, the world we know it is no more.
The earth sighs in relief as billions are stripped from her surface.
Very few humans survive.
From the ashes of the old earth, a new world arises.
A world of magic, shapeshifters, earth guardians – and a new humanity.

A world where nothing and no-one are as they seem, including the hunter Zemira Creedence.
Her powers can break this new world, or save it from a new threat that is emerging. One far more dangerous than any human.
Will Zemira fall prey to the same darkness within her, or will she defeat this new menace that now threatens everyone and everything?

The Girl Who Broke the World is a captivating glimpse into a possible future reality, full of twists and turns, magic and mysticism.

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