The Girl Who Freed the Darkness | 2 | (Paperback) by Renee Hayes


Book 2 of the Rim Walker series by author Renee Hayes


Since destroying the Rim wall and its menacing queen guardian, Kyeitha, Rim Walker Zemira Creedence has been cursed.
Now possessed by Kyeitha’s unconquerable spirit, Zee’s strength and powers are fading fast.
With healer and seer Diwa unable to help her, the Rim Walker turns to the only person who can – Ravaryn Black, her former captor and the king of Kymera.

As Ravaryn pledges to save Zemira from Kyeitha’s control, their voyage takes an unexpected turn.
A turn that leads them to the Dark Rim, a prison that holds a terrifying secret.
A secret that threatens not only Zemira and Ravaryn, but the entire human and shapeshifter worlds, in unimaginable ways.

Prepare to be dazzled as author Renee Hayes continues this masterfully told tale of post-apocalyptic survival. Will good triumph over evil this time, or will an otherworldly power, imprisoned for centuries, be freed to carry out its shocking plans for earth?

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Teens / Young Adult, 13 – 18 years